April 14, 2020

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope is selected for the prestigious Hot Docs festival in Canada.


The latest documentary by Magnus Gertten, entitled Only the Devil Lives Without Hope, is selected for the 2020 edition of Hot Docs. This is the biggest documentary film festival in North America. The festival marks the North American premiere of the film, adding one more prestigious festival selection after the world premiere at CPH:DOX in March.

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope is a real-life thriller about love, betrayal, spies, assassins and the unbreakable hope for a brother, locked in a desert prison called "The Place of No Return". The film portraits Dilya, who became a human rights activist the day her brother Iskandar was thrown in prison, accused of being a terrorist. For years she challenged the dictatorship ruling her country, which had brutal consequences for her. She had to escape but realised that the regime who took her brother was closer than she could ever imagine.

The 2020 edition of the Hot Docs festival was scheduled to take place on April 30-May 10 in the cinemas of Toronto. Instead the festival will now take place as an online festival, as the circumstances of the corona virus has prohibited the festival from taking place in cinemas. Starting from May 28 the Ontario audiences will have access to seeing the 135 documentaries taking part in the online edition. 

Here you can see Only the Devil Lives Without Hope at Hot Docs.

Here you can read more about Only the Devil Lives Without Hope. 


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