September 16, 2017

These are colleagues and collaborators we regularly like to work with. Some are just around the corner, others are around the world.

Jesper Osmund, Editor and Story Consultant, Denmark

JesperOsmund.jpgJesper Osmund is an acclaimed and awarde Danish film editor and narrative consultant. He started in fiction, but after editing several feature films and short films he began to focus upon documentaries and today he has edited more than 100 of them. Many has been selected by festivals like IDFA, Sundance, Berlinale, HotDocs and have received numerous awards including an International Emmy Award. He also works as narrative consultant and is a regular tutor at pitching and rough-cut workshops like IDFAcademy, EDN and IDF. At Auto Images we have worked very closely with Jesper Osmund for many years and has edited many films with Magnus Gertten.

Jesper Osmund on IMDB

Caroline Troedsson, Director and DOP, Sweden

CarolineTroedssonClose.jpgCaroline has a background as coach in young creator’s projects, practical positions in bigger film crews, and as director and DoP in a number of shorts for clients. She started off inspired by storytellers in her childhood surroundings far out in deep forests of northern Skåne. Studies in business and economics, with a master’s in Service Management from Lund University 2007, was a brief shift of focus. Since then it’s been all about filmmaking. Caroline released her first feature documentary Patriotic Highway in 2019, which is produced by Auto Images. She has most recently worked as one of the DoPs on Every Face Has a Name and Becoming Zlatan.

Read more about Caroline at her company website

Erik Bäfving, Editor and Director, Sweden

ErikBafving.jpgErik has been working as a director and editor since 1996. In addition to directing documentaries he is working as a narrative consultant and editor for both documentary and fiction films. Among other things we have at Auto Images has the pleasure of working with Erik on the film Get busy, which he co-directed with Magnus Gertten.

Read more about Erik at his website

Jon Rudberg, DOP, Sweden

JonRudberg.jpg Jon Rudberg has worked in with great success in all genres and aspects of the film industry and is one of the most experienced DOPs in Sweden. For many years we have had the pleasure of having Jon adding his sharp vision and visual solutions to our productions. On a good number of films coming from Auto Images, Jon has been involved very early to develop visual ideas and outline the cinematic language of the story.

Jon Rudberg is a member of the European Film Academy

Digitala Foton och Film, Digital Scanning Service, Sweden

Digitala Foton och Film is one of the leading companies for film, video and photo scanning in Sweden. Their business model is focused on an online working basis, which keeps low prices, while offering high quality services.

Read more their scanning services here

UpNorth Film, Norway

Great production company in Trondheim and Orkanger, Norway. We like working with UpNorth as a good and loyal co-production partner in Norway and we have had the pleasure of working with them on our two films Patriotic Highway and Only the Devil Lives Without Hope

Read more about UpNorth Film

Rise and Shine World Sales, Germany

Rise and Shine World Sales is one of the leading boutique sales agents for documentaries. With around 15 new films per year, the company sells an exquisite catalogue of award-winning films from all over the world to all markets and platforms. At Auto Images we have had the joy of working with Rise and Shine on our film Every Face Has a Name and Patriotic Highway

Go to the Rise and Shine website

Autlook Filmsales, Austria

Autlook Filmsales is a worldwide sales agent for powerful and acclaimed feature docs, auteur-driven, cinematic and or issue driven with strong international appeal. We have been fortunate to work with Autlook on several of our films including Becoming Zlatan and Harbour of Hope.

Check out Autlook Filmsales