May 09, 2021

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope is selected for One World in Prague.

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope, the latest documentary from Magnus Gertten, is selected for the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The film is one of only ten films selected for competition in the Right to Know section. This competitive section reveals human rights violations one should know about, even though they are rarely covered by the media.

One World is among the leading international film festivals focusing on human rights. The festival is taking place in Prague. This year it is conducted as an online festival reaching audiences across all of Czech Republic. The festival has an annual audience of over 100.000 viewers and has received an honorable mention from UNESCO for its human rights educational initiatives.

The 2021 edition of One World runs from May 10 to June 6.

Here you can read more about all the festivals that Only the Devil Lives Without Hope has been selected to.

Read about Only the Devil Lives Without Hope at One World.


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