My Uncle Loved the Colour Yellow

It’s the summer of 1963 in the Swedish countryside. Today is Martin’s 12th birthday and, as always, his shy uncle Helmer arrives at the party before anyone else.

Also as usual, his birthday present is something yellow. Helmer is very fond of the colour yellow.
But when Uncle Helmer decides to paint his house yellow, the neighbours protest. And one day Martin hears rumours that Uncle Helmer is in the madhouse...

A tragicomic short about a moving relationship between a boy and a rather special uncle.

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Martin - Albin Johansson
Uncle Helmer - Claes Månsson
Director and Writer: Mats Olof Olsson
Producers: Lennart Ström, Magnus Gertten
Production Manager: Sanne Övermark
FAD: Lina Bertilsson
DOP: Nille Leander fsf
First Assistant Camera: David Gylje
Sound: Tobias Rönnertz
Art Director: Ulrika Fredriksson
Costume: Helena Carlsson
Make Up: Charlotte Wolke
Composer: Magnus Jarlbo
Edit: Erik Bäfving
Continuity: Anna Idman
Electrian: Set Jonasson
Best Boy: Marco Padoan and Erik Varde
Runner: Björn Almqvist
Production Assistant: Johan von Brömssen
SAD: Linda Paxling and Karoline Czernysson Conlon
Casting: Anja Schmidt
Stills: Erik Varde
Translation: Ingrid Eng
Location Scout: China Åhlander och Sanne Övermark
Equipment: Cinestar Rentals and Studio Korsholm
Sound Mix: Cinepost Studios
On Line,Grading: Nordisk Film Post Production
Titles: Vurpa
Insurance: Media Production Insurance


Produced by Auto Images AB in co-production with Swedish Television/Ulla Nilsson, Film i Skåne/Joakim Strand and Cinestar Rental/Thomas Roger
With support from The Swedish Filminstitute/Anne Marie Söhrman Fermelin and Konstnärsnämnden.