February 03, 2022

Golden Land by Inka Achté is selected for the Nordic Documentary Competition at Göteborg Film Festival.

At the 2022 edition of the Göteborg Film Festival, eight films are nominated for the Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary. Among these eight films are Golden Land by Director Inka Achté and produced by Liisa Karpo at napafilms in Finland. Auto Images is the Swedish co-producer of the film.

Golden Land is about Mustafe and his family. When Mustafe Hagi prayed to Allah for an adventure three years ago, little did he know what would be coming his way. Two months later copper and gold were discovered on his family’s land in Somaliland. After receiving the news, he immediately decided to leave his boring and safe life in Finland and, after 25 years, move his family to his native country. Against all the odds, will the family be able to make their home in Hargeisa, or are they doomed to live their life as outsiders, just as in Finland?

Golden Land is realised in a Nordic collaboration among napafilms in Finland, UpNorth Film in Norway and Auto Images in Sweden. 

Here you can read more about Golden Land.

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