Filmed over six months in 2009, Armadillo takes its name from the forward operating base in Afghanistan’s embattled Helmand province, only half a mile from Taliban positions, where the Danish soldiers were sent in February of that year.

Danish and British soldiers are part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which was formed by NATO in response to the U.S. call for support in Afghanistan. But the political mechanism that is sending them to a far-off land to fight appears to matter less to the young soldiers than what they are told is the gist of their mission: to protect the Afghan people and help them rebuild their country.

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  • Winner, Critics’ Week Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, 2010
  • Winner, Grierson Award, London Film Festival, 2010
  • Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival, 2010
  • Official Selection, DOC NYC, 2010

Auto Images is the Swedish co-producer of Armadillo.




Director: Janus Metz
Producers: Ronnie Fridthjof, Sara Stockmann
Cinematographer: Lars Skree
Editor: Per K. Kirkegaard
Original Music: Uno Helmersson
Running Time: 86:46