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After the successful cinema release in Sweden with many outstanding reviews and an exceptional audience feedback, Harbour of Hope is now hitting the international festival circuit. The International Premiere will be at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, the second largest documentary festival in Europe.

The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival has chosen to highlighted Harbour of Hope by including the film among the ‘much-anticipated documentaries produced in 2011’ and states the following:

‘As such, the film functions not only as historical evidence, but as an astonishing story of human perseverance.’

The International Premiere at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival will be: Sunday, March 11th at 18:00 in the Stavros Tornes Theatre.

An additional screening of Harbour of Hope is scheduled for: Monday, March 12th at 20:30 at Olympion Theatre.

Director Magnus Gertten will be in Thessaloniki from Friday, March 9, giving interviews about Harbour of Hope. He will also be present at both screenings to talk about his work with the film and the many touching stories he has come across during the extensive research and the production of Harbour of Hope. 

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival is the first stop on the international festival tour for Harbour of Hope. Among the other festivals included are Tempo Documentary Festival, BUFF Filmfestival and EuroDok. More festivals are confirmed and will soon be announced at the Harbour of Hope Facebook page:

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