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First look at Harbour of Hope

Now you can get the first preview of the next documentary project from Auto Images. The film is entitled Harbour of Hope and is focusing on liberated concentration camp survivors rescued to the peaceful harbour town Malmö. Here they started life again. It is a film full of love, hope and unsolved mysteries. Harbour of Hope is directed by Magnus Gertten.

Harbour of Hope trailer in rough cut version

About Harbour of Hope In 1945 Irene, Ewa and Joe were among the nearly 30,000 survivors rescued from German concentration camps to the peaceful harbour town Malmö, Sweden. Here they started life again. In unique archive footage we see 10 year-old Irene at the harbour taking her first shaky steps in freedom. We see newborn Ewa carried from the boat by her mother. And we meet Joe, who arrived as a lonely child without his family. In Harbour of Hope they tell their amazing stories from the moment of liberation to the unsolved mysteries in present time. A film about dealing with war memories, the importance of a helping hand and finding a “harbour of hope”.

The Harbour of Hope world premiere is expected to be in the Fall 2011. Harbour of Hope is directed by Magnus Gertten and produced by Lennart Ström for Auto Images. To stay updated on the progress of the film you can follow the Harbour of Hope Facebook page.

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